Bakenyan (バケニャーン Bakenyān?) is one of the soldiers of the Knot Raiders and Eyeone's butler but revealed to be Blue Cat who took that form to gain intel on Eyeone.


  • Season:Star Twinkle Pretty Cure
  • Age:Unknown
  • Gender:Male
  • Eyes Color:Green
  • Hair Color:None
  • Homeland:Knot Raiders
  • First Appearance:Episode 4
  • Theme Color:Grey
  • Voice Actor:Yōji Ueda


First AppearanceEdit

He accompanies Eyeone as she appears before Galogre and Kappard, offering to give Kappard a device that can find Star Color Pens.

Attacking the CuresEdit

He accompanies Eyeone to Earth to fight the Pretty Cure using the Dark Pen that she made.

He accompanies Eyeone to face the Pretty Cure again, but he disappears before the fight. At the end, when Eyeone is defeated by the Cures, Bakenyan reappears and then they leave.

He is seen watching the others get powered up through pain, he looks somewhat shocked, but seems to easily adjust. Later on planet Kumarin, he tells Eyeone that using the Dark Pen's power is not necessary. That Kappard and Tenjo are able to overpower the Pretty Cure on their own.

He objects to Eyeone using the Dark Pen on her, Kappard, and Tenjo but she doesn't heed his advice. After they are defeated, Bakenyan stops the girls from reclaiming one of the pens before escaping with the others in tow.

After Eyeone's Knot Reiga is defeated by the Cures, a queer grin spreads across his face when he is retreating with Eyeone. This hints that unlike his fellow colleagues, he has a different intention and motivation on joining the Knot Raiders, and might have a concealed true identity as well as hidden powers.


He is a tall humanoid being with the facial appearance of a cat. One of his eyes has a monocle on it.


He has a stoic and calm composure. Although he's willing to flatter and compliment Eyeone at times, he is also critical of her, much to her dismay.


He hasn’t shown any significant abilities yet. On his plate, he would occasionally carry a device that allowed Eyeone to corrupt a Princess Star Color Pen into a Dark Pen.


His name could be based on the combination of "bakeneko" (化け猫?), the creature in the Japanese folklore. Also, "Nyan" (ニャーン?), the Japanese onomatopoeia for a cat meowing. Which alludes to his appearance.


  • He is the second villain to be a butler, the first being Butler Zakenna from Futari Wa Pretty Cure.
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