Dys Dark (ディスダーク Disu Dāku?) is the evil organization and the main antagonists of Go! Princess Pretty Cure. Their leader is Dyspear. Their goal is to spread despair and chaos throughout the world.


Many years ago, they attack Hope Kingdom with Kanata defending his home and ask Puff and Aroma to search the Pretty Cure so they can battle against Dyspear and her minion. After Kanata was forced to flee into the forest, they taken over the palace and set up as their headquarter.



  • Dyspear (Leader) (Currently recovery in episode 23, Return in episode 31, Deceased)
  • Twilight, Princess of Despair (Second in command) (Defected, Saved in episode 21)


  • Close (Three Musketeers' team) (Defeated in episode 11, Return in episode 31, Left in episode 50)
  • Shut (Three Musketeers' team) (Defected, Defeated and left in episode 46)
  • Lock (Three Musketeers' team) (Current leader after episode 23, Defeated in episode 30, Revived in episode 48 but Kuroro became Lock again to assist the Cures)
  • Stop (Left after Close's departure)
  • Freeze (Left after Close's departure)



  • This is the third group to have a female leader, after Nightmare and Phantom Empire.
  • Dys is short for "despair".
  • The Three Musketeers' names revolve around the theme of locking things away, as they lock their victims' dreams.
  • Their goal is similar to Nightmare because they aim to spread despair around the world.
  • Similar to Phantom Empire, they take control of the kingdom as their headquarter.
  • This is the forth group to have female second in command, preceded by Desert Apostles, Minor Land and Selfish.
  • Similar to Phantom Empire, the group total members have 7.