Lesson Start! Aim to be a Grand Princess! (レッスンスタート!めざせグランプリンセス! Ressun Sutāto! Mezase Guran Purinsesu!?) is the sixth episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure.


  • Air Date:March 8, 2015
  • Previous:Episode 5
  • Next:Episode 7
  • Opening:Miracle Go! Princess Pretty Cure
  • Ending:Dreaming☆Princess Pretty Cure

Major EventsEdit

  • Miss Shamour makes her first appearance.
  • Lock and Dyspear make their first appearance.
  • The Go Princess Pretty Cure transform together for the first time.
  • Minami and Kirara meet Prince Kanata for the first time.


The girls gather in the Coucil room and the mascot tell them how to become a Grand Princess. They used the Princess Lesson Pad to call Miss Shamour, the Hope Kingdom's teacher and lecture them how to be princess. They learn some good manners. They start pouring drinks and Haruka daydreaming loses her concentration. Kanata contact and surprise to meet Haruka again. He explain that the evil group called Dys Dark taken over his homeland and send the Dress Up Keys to Yumegahama and he gives the last key to Haruka as seen in episode 1.

In Dys Dark, Dyspear angry at Close and Shut for their failure. She refuse to let the commander to deal with them and said that she assign Lock to deal with them. Lock is seen playing a game and saw some boys playing a baseball and target the boy and create a baseball Zetsuborg.

When the group hears of Zetsuborg attack, Kanata cannot chat with them any longer due to Dyspear sense his presence. He encourage Haruka not to give her dream up before move on. The trio transform and Lock appear before them and taunting Flora. With some encouragement from Kanata, Flora defeat the Zetsuborg with Floral Tourbillion before Lock leave gently and call her "Flower Bud Princess". The trio vow that they will find the nine Dress up Keys and keep everyone's dream safe.



  • The Hope Kingdom's legendary Pretty Cures are seen in Kanata's flashback.
  • In the preview for this episode, Lock's lock is missing.
  • The opening features previews for the upcoming Pretty Cure All Stars movie.
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