Kirara and Idol! The H~ot Donut Battle (きららとアイドル ! あつ~いドーナッツバトル ! Kirara to Aidoru! Atsu~i Dōnattsu Batoru!?) is the twelfth episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure.


Major EventsEdit

  • Cure Flora uses Rose Tourbillon, Twinkle uses Full Moon Humming and Mermaid uses Frozen Ripple for the first time.


Kirara's manager, Kyoko Tachi say she will host a TV reporter about Marble Donuts and she participate. In the Dys Dark, the Musketeers learnt that Close is fell at the hands of the Cures and Shut decided to deal with them. Arriving at the shop, Kirara meet an idol named Ranko Ichijo, who wish to become better than her and they start filming. First is introduced to the shop and they interview with the owner and Ranko steal Kirara's thunder for speak instead of her. Second is were they need to draw a design for a donuts and Ranko win, later, they have one bite of donuts and Kirara manage to win by saying is very delicious, which angering Ranko.

Lastly, they dress up like a donuts that they design and begin to race and wave hand around the public but Ranko persistantly refuse to give up and they keep running and Kirara managed to win and Ranko fall behind and still stand and manage to win before exhausted.

Suddenly, Shut appear and targets Ranko's dream of becoming a top idol and create a donut Zetsuborg. The trio transform and unable to beat it and with Mermaid's advice, they used upgrade attack to weaken it before finish it with Trinity Lumiere, Shut leave and saying he is different than Close.

In the academy, they watch how Kirara and Ranko do the report and Ranko tells Kirara that she will not give up until she win against her, which shocking her and feel gladly.



  • This is the second episode to have shooting video, the first being SPC05.