A Cold Timbre...! The Black Princess Appears! (冷たい音色…!黒きプリンセス現る! Tsumetai Neiro...! Kuroki Purinsesu Arawaru!) is the thirteenth episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure.


Major EventsEdit

  • Twilight debut for the first time.
  • It is shown that Twilight is Dyspear's daughter.
  • The Zetsuborg increase their power thanks to Twilight's powers.


Haruka encounter a girl who play violin and made her to learn about violin and head to the store where Minami demonstrate how to play and called Miss Shamour to teach her how to play violin and they enter into a hall to practice violin but Haruka did badly. She meet a girl again who playing a violin and ask her to teach her how to play violin despite the other watching them with Puff showing fear towards the girl.

In Dys Dark, Shut getting afraid of failing like Close and the girl speak to Dyspear and the girl revealed to be her daughter, Twilight, which shocked the commanders when they found out that she is Dyspear's daughter. Back at the store, Haruka still playing violin but only to be confronted by Shut and Twilight. Using the black Dress Up Keys and insert to Shut's lock and give him more power to trap the Minami's teacher who dream of becoming a violin teacher and create a Violin Zetsuborg. The Cures discovered that it too powerful than the usual with Twilight confront Flora by surround her with blue flames and tells her that dream is nothing more than illusion and Mermaid and Twinkle arrive on time, with Flora using Rose Tourbillon to weaken the Zetsuborgs before defeat it with Trinity Lumiere and the two leave.

Haruka is performing well for the violin with her heart. Back at Dys Dark, the commanders see what Twilight is doing and she started to took interest of the Cures and swear that she bring the world into despair and chaos as she holding her Dress Up Keys.



  • Ranko is added to the opening.
  • Also in the opening, the Cures' Mode Elegant is changed to their newest ones during the battle scene and they now have their Crystal Princess Rods.