The Form of Love! The Haruno Family's Dream! (大好きのカタチ!春野ファミリーの夢! Daisuki no Katachi! Haruno Famirī no Yume!?) is the fourteenth episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure.


Major EventsEdit

  • Haruka's younger sister, Momoka, appears for the first time.
  • This is the first time that multiple people were used to create one Zetsuborg.


The academy hold a Family Day and they meet their parents and Haruka was glad to see her family but her sister Momoka not interest her academy. Haruka bring her family around the dorm to make them more happy except Momoka, who still impolite towards them and her father give all the students and their parents some Dorayaki, which embarassed Haruka. Momoka leave but her sister still following her along with the other and found her behind the tree. Minami offer her some drink but she refuses and purposely spill it, making Haruka angry at her for being impolite, which made her upset and run away.

At the Dys Dark, Twilight is playing her violin with Shut admiring her and Twilight senses her Dress Up Key is glowing and move out with Shut accompany her.

The other split up and find Momoka and Haruka regret herself for scolding Momoka. Kirara found Momoka sitting on the beach and comfort her saying that they all lonely like when she left her mother to become a modal and Momoka feel the same. Haruka and Minami manage to found her and apologize for scolding her and Haruka apologize back for not understanding her feelings and notice she made a present for her. Ibuki and Moe also found her and apologize for her concern but they said it fine.

Suddenly, Shut and Twilight appear before them and trapped Harunos's dream of seeing Haruka achieve her dream as a princess and creates a Dorayaki Zetsuborg and the trio transform and battle it. Flora noticed that the present is a tiara that Momoka made and ask Aroma to take care of it before weaken the Zetsuborg with Rose Tourbillon before defeat it with Trinity Lumiere, frustrating Shut, Twilight order him to leave before admiring the Cures and they leave. Everyone watch the performance and Haruka admit that she hurt her feeling for leaving her and do her best to support each others.



  • Twilight's mask is removed as of this episode during the opening.
  • This is the first ​Go! Princess Pretty Cure​ episode where a villain targets a relative of one of the cures, succeeding by GPPC16 where Lock targeted Minami's brother​, Wataru, and GPPC17 where Shut targets Kirara's mother, Stella.