Discovered! The Treasure Found in the Dormitory! (はっけ~ん!寮でみつけたタカラモノ! Hakke~n! Ryō de Mitsuketa Takaramono!?) is the nineteenth episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure.


Major EventsEdit

  • Twilight finds the fourth Princess Perfume.
  • Miss Shamour tells the Cures and Yui that Prince Kanata had a sister.
  • Kanata's horse, Wish, make his first appearance.    


Haruka is practicing her violin lesson and it went bad and Shamour will show her and reveal that Kanata has a little sister who used to learn violin together. After the lesson, Seira and Ayaka announced that they will treasure hunt.

At the Dys Dark, Twilight was angry because of the Cures beat her and Shut ask her to come but she doesn't allow and ride her horse, causing Shut to anger and decided to deal with the Cures.

The Treasure Hunting need to form a group to search for clue and Shirogane brught some question card for finding the clue. Kirara found a donut as a clue and tells Haruka they found and Minami discovered the shoe and sandal and prove to be correct. Haruka became frustrated that they still couldn't find a clue and discovered those flowers and head outside, probably a clue somewhere.

At the Hope Kingdom, Kanata is seen fighting a Zetsuborg and hope the Cures are still trying their best and ride his horse, Wish. Twilight discovered an abandoned palace and investigate.

At the garden, they discovered that the clue is a snail and next Shirogane give them another clue. It was mirror when refering to other person. Meanwhile, Shut target a cook who dream of giving her students with food and creates a Rice Cooker Zetsuborg. When they heard its attack, Seira and Yui evacuates as the trio transform and battle it, they were easily beaten and they must protect the dormitory, Flora used Lily Tourbillon to weaken it before defeat it with Trinity Explosion, causing Shut angrily leaves.

Haruka play violin again and hope that she will become a Grand Princess. Kanata also play violin like when he was young with his sister. At the palace, Twilight heard something and discovered that it a fourth Princess Perfume and she claim it.



  • This episode contained flashbacks from episodes 3 and 7.