Reunited with Kanata!? Going to the Hope Kingdom Now! (カナタと再会!?いざ、ホープキングダムへ!Kanata to Saikai!? Iza, Hōpu Kingudamu e!?) is the twentieth episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure.


Major EventsEdit

  • The Cures were teleported to Hope Kingdom via the Dress Up Keys.
  • Twilight gets a third Dark Dress Up Key from her mother.
  • It is revealed that Twilight's real name is Towa and she is Prince Kanata's sister.
  • Kanata learns about Twilight for the first time.
  • Minami and Kirara see Prince Kanata in person for the first time.
  • Twilight transformed into a evil Cure using her third Dark Dress Up Key and Dark Princess Perfume.


In the Dys Dark, Twilight present the Princess Perfume to her mother and eveyone were surprise of this and Dyspear give Twilight a third Dress Up Key to insert it to the perfume and she was flown by darkness.

In the dormitory, The Cures have collected 9 Dress Up Keys and its glows and teleport them to Hope Kingdom. The trio were separated and the Dress Up Keys shine and lead to its destination. Haruka was attacked by two Bunny Zetsuborg and transform but it prove vulnerable for her and was saved by Kanata before defeating it with Floral Tourbillon. Each of the Cures entering the shrine and inform by their predecessor saying that the other Perfume is missing and senses an amass dark power and they must find the fourth Princess Perfume.

Mermaid and Twinkle fighting Shut and Lock, who noticed their arrival. Kanata reveal to Haruka about her sister named:Towa. They used to spent time playing violin until one day she went missing before Dyspear and her group attack his homeland until Kanata meet Haruka in the prologue who remind her as his sister before encourage her and giving her the last Dress Up Key. Mermaid and Twinkle use their attack to distract the commanders so they can escape.

Arriving at the palace, Mermaid and Twinkle reunite with them and they were encounter by Twilight, who Kanata see her as his sister but she denied his claims because she is now Dyspear's daughter and they were shocked to see that she took possesion of the fourth Perfume and she insert it with her third Dress Up Key and become a evil Cure who called herself Black Princess before confronting them.



  • This is the first time a Cure gets to speak to their predecessor.
  • The speech in the beginning commemorates the 555th episode overall of the Pretty Cure franchise.
  • This is the first time the villain could transform using the same items like the Cures.