A Stiff Smile? My Roommate is a Princess! (笑顔がカタイ?ルームメイトはプリンセス! Egao ga Katai? Rūmumeito wa Purinsesu!?) is the thirty-forth episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure.


Major EventsEdit

  • The Cures transform as a group for the first time.
  • It is Towa's first day at Noble Academy.
  • It is revealed that Towa is now Kirara's roommate and classmate.
  • Cure Scarlet performs Scarlet Flame for the first time.


Towa is drinking but Kirara rush her saying that they late for class and Towa begin her introduction, making everyone nervous but Kirara distract her and she sit with her. In Haruka and Yui's room, Towa revealed that Yume gave her full name:Towa Akagi and they showed their Dress Up Keys and now they collected 12 keys. They noticed Kirara is missing because she still work as model. In canteen, they saw Towa doesn't have food because she didn't know they serve them and Kirara also tell her that they also wash the cloth by themselves, after their argument, Kirara was soon called that she had to work. Kirara suddenly feel down while doing pose and she return to her room but Towa tried to ask her about her but she don't talk and get to sleep, same as Towa.

At Dys Dark, Shut was shocked by Lock's new appearance and he say he want to get more energy so Dyspear can fully recover, Shut senses something has change inside him.

The next day, Kirara and Towa are dry their towel but one just flew away, prompting Kirara to take it back and they came across the pond which Towa revealed how she and Kanata were there and they have a little chat but the mascot inform them that the Zetsuborg is attacking. They were shocked by Lock's new appearance and Kirara noticed that her manager is trapped and they transform. The Zetsuborg use the pan to attack them but easily dodge, Twinkle and Scarlet using Meteor Humming and Scarlet Flame to damage it before defeating it with Phoenix Flame.

The next morning, Towa wake up early and Kirara walk with her as they head to class together.



  • Yume is now seen in the opening.
  • The opening sponsor card features Cure Mermaid in honour of her birthday, July 20.