To Haruka's Home! Our First Sleepover! (はるかのおうちへ!はじめてのおとまり会! Haruka no Ouchi e! Hajimete no Otomarikai!?) is twenty-fifth episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure.


Major EventsEdit

  • This is the last episode to have Dreaming☆Princess Pretty Cure as the ending theme.
  • Shut learns about Cure Scarlet as well as her civilian name for the first time.


It summer holiday, the group go to Haruno's home for a sleepover and Haruka meet her family along with the customer. Minami brought some melon and they them as a juice. The girls enjoy themselves and help out and participate various activities like catching nagashi somen, eating corn and spitting watermelon's seed. Everyone having their fun and they take a nap. Towa is having a nightmare about Dyspear and she wakes up with Minami cool her down while the other making snacks. Towa starts to show fear because of her memories as Twilight with Minami comfort her, Haruka noticed that she woke up and go outside.

At the riverbank, the group are playing fireworks but they used up all, Minami open her case and revealing that she bought some fireworks to which draw some kids to play. Meanwhile, Shut targets the man who dream of becoming a fireman and creates a Fireman Zetsuborg. It spray black fog and Shut taunt Towa but Minami stand up for her to overcome her fear and they transform. The two gain the upperhand but the Zetsuborg preparing to shoot them but only to be saved by Flora and Twinkle. Mermaid and Scarlet damage the Zetsuborg so can allow Scarlet to use Phoenix Blaze to defeat it, making the frustrated Shut to leave.

After enjoying themselves, Minami had something inside her case to which she refuse to tell them what is it and Towa feel that the vacation is enjoyable.