Minami's Fiance!? The Come Back Super Celeb! (みなみの許嫁!?帰ってきたスーパーセレブ! Minami no Īnazuke!? Kaettekita Sūpā Serebu!?) is thirty-second episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure.


Major EventsEdit


The students were shocked to see the limbo and it was revealed to Minami's fiance named:Kimimaro Ijuin. Shu Naoto revealed that they know each other for a long time. In Minami's class, Kimimaro brought a large bouquet flowers to surprise Minami while the other spy on her. The Cures having lunch at the garden but Kimimaro appear and give them a seat and Kimimaro become jealous of Haruka and he plan to spy on her and he decided to keep her away from Minami.

Kimimaro confront Haruka and he request her to stay away from Minami and he left but their conversation was eavesdropped by Minami, who angry at Kimimaro not to said that to her because Haruka is her friend as she left, making Kimimaro upset.

Close leave this work for Stop and Freeze as he leave. Kimimaro admit how selfish he acted and he was targeted by Stop and Freeze, who turn him into a Groom Zetsuborg. The roots growing as Close watch. The Cures transform and Flora recklessly attack and caused the other to get injured, Mermaid heard everything about Kimimaro because she still consider Flora as her friend and they quickly defeat it with Eclat Espoir and they ask her if she get married but she said it not.

At the airport, Kimimaro apologized to Haruka and Minami what he said yesterday but they accept his apology because the two were friends before he take a flight.



  • The opening was changed with Close taking Lock's place and Stop & Freeze being revealed. Also, the Cures are seen fighting the new Close as well as Stop & Freeze now. As well as a powered up Shut being seen behind Cure Scarlet.