A Suspicious Trap...! The Lonely Princess! (怪しいワナ・・・!ひとりぼっちのプリンセス! Ayashī Wana...! Hitoribotchi no Purinsesu!?) is thirty-eighth episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure.


Major EventsEdit

  • Kanata tells Haruka that she cannot become a princess, causing her to plunge into despair and the vines surrounding Yumegahama to grow even more.


The Cures were fighting the Zetsuborg created by Shut and quickly defeat it with Eclat Espoir as the angered Shut leave while Close observing the Cures, especially Flora.

At the academy, Haruka and Yui watering flowers and met the student named:Kurosu, who acted that he know Haruka and her dream before he left. Minami want to go to the parties but Kurosu appear and ask her to go. While going to academy, the flyer flew but they met Kurosu again who want to go to the library so Yui's dream is to become a book author so Kurosu ask her to go but Towa feel suspicious about his question.

Next day, Haruka and the mascot ask Kanata about his dream but he don't know. At the city, Haruka buy something for Kanata and Kurosu appear behind Puff and Aroma and lock them in the pet shop before Haruka noticed they missing. Kurosu soon meet Haruka and they went to the forest and feel suspicious of Kurosu's word and reveal himself as Close while Towa and Yui were soon confronted by Stop and Freeze and they transform and fight them. Close waver Flora's feeling for being lonely while Scarlet drive Stop and Freeze away with Scarlet Flame. Flora refuse to give up and use Lily Tourbillon to break Close's barrier and he knock her down, Kanata tells her not to become a princess, this making her fell into despair, much of Close's joy as he leave. Haruka leave before Scarlet arrive as she run away.