Dreams or Pretty Cure!? The Shining Kirara's Chosen Road! (夢かプリキュアか!?輝くきららの選ぶ道!Yume ka Purikyua ka!? Kagayaku Kirara no Erabu Michi!?) is forty-second episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure.


Major EventsEdit

  • Cure Twinkle uses Galaxy Chorus for the first time.


Everybody eating donuts and Kirara's fans want her to sign autograph and more people do the same. Kyoko inform Kirara that the show call:Japan Collection is held and visit all the country and the other want her to participate and another girl named:Karin Akeboshi, will be Kirara's assistant.

At the Hope Kingdom, Kanata discovered a temple of Star and it glowing, meaning that it was awaken.

After the battle, Kirara de-transform and continue her work as the other look at her advertisement. Karin remind Kirara that she couldn't do anything back until something change her but she refuse to tell her about her dream because it a secret.

At the Dys Dark, Close was irritated about the rainbow coming from Fire's temple and have Stop and Freeze to deal with the Cures, but he forbid Shut to go, making him angry.

As Kirara prepare for the flight, Stop and Freeze target Karin, who reveal to Kirara that she dream of helping Kirara and creates a Model Zetsuborg. The Cures tell Kirara to go to flight. Kirara remember what Karin say and she change her mind and protect Karin's dream and she use Galaxy Chorus to attack Zetsuborg before defeat it with Grand Printemps.

Kyoko scold Kirara for not taking flight but it the work will decrease. Everyone watching the Japan Collection but Kirara is watching too and she tells them that its ok if she doesn't go because she was trying to protect Karin's dream before going back to her room.