The Feelings She Wants to Express! To the Great Ocean, Minami's Dream! (伝えたい想い!みなみの夢よ大海原へ!Tsutaetai Omoi! Minami no Yume yo Ōunabara e!?) is forty-fifth episode of Go! Princess Pretty Cure.


Major EventsEdit

  • The Palace of Sea is restored.
  • The Noble Academy is holding a Christmas Party.
  • Dyspear warned Shut that this could be his last chance to prove himself.


In the flashback, Minami is watching the sea and ask her family what is sea, her father say its beautiful before playing with Minami. In the present, Minami chat with Asuka about becoming like her and cannot tell her family about her new dream.

At the Dys Dark, Shut putting up his makeup and Dyspear is displeased of this and call him a failure, she give her own lock to Shut and warn him that this will be his last chance.

At the Noble Academy, the students are holding Christmas Party and give Minami a Christmas card and enjoy themselves as they perform a show. Minami was called by Shirogane that her parent are calling and they ask her about how she going and the other encourage her to tell them about her dream.

Shut arrive at Palace of Sea and use the lock to creates a Turtle Zetsuborg and confront Minami. Mermaid was struggle to fight it until she teleport to Hope Kingdom. As she having trouble fighting, the other also arrive to join along with Kanata and Shut tells Mermaid that dream will turn to despair but Mermaid reply that as long as their are dream she refuse to give and use Coral Maelstrom to damage the Zetsuborg and revert back to its original form before finish it with Grand Printemps, making Shut angry as he slip his last chance and leave.

Mermaid insert her Dress Up Keys to the Music Princess Palace and restore the Palace of Sea to remove the thorn. Wataru drive with Minami and aware of her feelings and bring her to their parents and she apologize for not telling them about her new dream rather than run to Kaido's group but they comfort her and and tell her to follow her dream.