This is a category listing the episodes for Go! Princess Pretty Cure.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Watashi ga Purinsesu!? Kyua Furōra Tanjō!
I'm a Princess!? Cure Flora is Born!
Close 2015-02-01
Haruka Haruno moves to Noble Academy, a boarding school where to attend it, you must have a dream. There she meets her roommate Yui Nanase and is given a tour of the school. Outside, she is asked by Yui what her dream was, but she was too embarrassed that she lied about seeing a raccoon dog in the forest and rushes into it. In the forest, she meets Puff and Aroma and Yui follows her in, only to be turned into a Zetsuborg by Close. Now it's up to Haruka to save Yui. But how will she do it?

Haruka transform into Cure Flora for the first time.

02 Gakuen no Purinsesu! Tōjō Kyua Māmeido!
The Academy's Princess! Cure Mermaid Appears!
Close 2015-02-08
Haruka has transformed into Cure Flora and was told that she is one of the three legendary Pretty Cure. At the entrance ceremony, Haruka arrives late and regrets it because she was punished by weeding the garden. But when Yui comes along, she watches Minami do ballet which makes her want to do ballet also. So involuntarily, she asks Minami to teach her ballet which Minami accepts. But during her ballet lessons, Haruka hurts her ankle which wasn't good when she was battling against a Zetsuborg later in the day! How will Haruka defeat the Zetsuborg with a sore ankle?

Minami transform into Cure Mermaid for the first time.

03 Mō Sayonara? Pafu wo Katte wa Ikemasen!
Goodbye Already? You Can't Keep Puff!
Puff has been discovered by the head of the discipline committee and she wants the mascot to be removed because pets are not allowed at Noble Academy. Now, Haruka and Minami must try their best to convince everybody otherwise so Puff can stay. Can they do it?

Shut, the second of Dys Dark's Three Musketeers, makes his first appearance.

04 Kirakira Kirara wa Kyua Tuinkuru?
Sparkling Kirara is Cure Twinkle?
Close 2015-02-22
Haruka, Minami, Aroma and Puff have searched everywhere for the lost Princess Perfume, but cannot find it. Haruka comes across the popular fashion model, Kirara Amanogawa on the cover of a fashion magazine and upon taking a closer look, she sees Kirara holding the missing Princess Perfume! How did she get it?! Kirara is a seventh grader at Noble Academy and is in the class next door to Haruka's. Haruka and Minami immediately visit Kirara's class, but she doesn't listen to them at all. Haruka and Minami hear from Kirara's classmates that she's going to Yumegahama Town after school, so they decide to follow her there...

Kirara transform into Cure Twinkle for the first time.

05 Sannin de Gō! Watashi-tachi Purinsesu Purikyua!
The Three of Us are Go! We are the Princess Pretty Cure!
Close 2015-03-01
Kirara has transformed into Cure Twinkle but she returns the Princess Perfume and Dress Up Key due to her busy schedule. But Haruka won't give up in making Kirara join the team. Haruka then tries to find ways to persuade Kirara to join but Kirara decides to take Haruka after school to her photo shoots, interviews and auditions for fashion shows. Haruka is shocked at how busy Kirara's schedule is! Will Kirara join the team in the end?
06 Ressun Sutāto! Mezase Guran Purinsesu!
Lesson Start! Aim to be a Grand Princess!
Lock 2015-03-08
After all of the Princess Pretty Cure are gathered, they begin lessons to become a Grand Princess. They are taught by Miss Shamour who comes from inside the Princess Lesson Pad. They learned about good manners by making afternoon tea. Prince Kanata appears to talk to the Cures using the Princess Lesson and reveals that they have to collect nine more Dress Up Keys. Dyspear scolds Close and Shut for their failures and sends the new commander named Lock to attack the Cures.

Lock, the third of Dys Dark's Three Musketeers and his leader, Dyspear, make their first appearance.

07 Tenisu de Saikai! Ijiwaru na Otoko no Ko!?
Reunited by Tennis! The Bully Boy!?
Shut 2015-03-15
The Noble Academy is holding an event where boys and girls must work together by playing some kind of sport. Haruka, who volunteers to play tennis, is paired with Yuki Aihara, who used to bully her about her dream of becoming a princess. However, Haruka is not good at tennis and Yuki absolutely refuses to help her out. With the help of Miss Shamour and her friends, she tries to improve her game. Can she do it and prove herself to Yuki?
08 Zettai Muri!? Haruka no Doresu Zukuri!
Absolutely Impossible!? Haruka's Dress Making!
Lock 2015-03-22
The noble party is coming up, and Haruka wants to make her own dress for it. She spends so much time learning and trying to make it, her grades start to slip. Can she successfully juggle making her dress and concentrating on her school work?
09 Maku yo Agare! Akogare no Nōburu Pāti!
Rise the Curtain! The Long-Awaited Noble Party!
Close 2015-03-29
The noble party is finally here! Haruka is very excited to enjoy her very first party at Noble Academy. Together with Yui and Kirara, Haruka enjoys the party so much but Minami seems busy with all of the Student Council work. Suddenly, the Ballroom lights turn off and Minami must do her responsibilities by checking with other two student council members. But, Minami sees a ghost that was created by a Zetsuborg which scares her due to her fear of ghosts. What should she do?
10 Doko Doko? Aratana Doresu Appu Kī!
Where Is It? A New Dress Up Key!
Kanata informs the girls that there another Dress Up Keys somewhere at Noble Academy and they search for it. They follow Shirogane to the hidden place called Rose Garden and they found all are the students who graduated. Close attack and Yui discover their identites, The Cures received a new Dress Up keys and Dyspear appear in front of everyone, what will happen?

The new Dress Up Keys are revealed to be Rose, Ice and Luna Keys and Kanata found a Crystal Princess Rod.

11 Dai Dai Dai Pinchi!? Purikyua tai Kurōzu!
Big Big Big Trouble!? Pretty Cure VS Close!
Dyspear send the group into the Cage of Despair with Flora fighting Close while the Zetsuborgs are attacking Memaid, Twinkle and Yui. The mascot and Yui explain about Haruka's identity and Kanata need to send the Cystal Princess Rods to the Cures.

Close is killed in this episode but return in episode 31 and marks the first appearance of Crystal Princess Rod and new Mode Elegant Form.

12 Kirara to Aidoru! Atsu~i Dōnattsu Batoru
Kirara and Idol! The H~ot Donut Battle
Shut 2015-04-19
Kirara and the new idol named Ranko Ichijo host a show about the donut by Kirara's manager. They compete against each other as they draw the donut, wearing design that look like donut and race again each other for the conclusion of Donut Battle. Who will win?
13 Tsumetai Neiro...! Kuroki Purinsesu Arawaru!
A Cold Timbre...! The Black Princess Appears!
Haruka want to learn about violin so Shamour tech her but the group encounter a girl who playing violin named:Twilight. Who was revealed to be Dyspear's daughter.
Twilight, the daughter of Dyspear makes her first appearance along with new appearance of Zetsuborg.
14 Daisuki no Katachi! Haruno Famirī no Yume!
The Form of Love! Haruno Family's Dream!
It's family day at Noble Academy and Haruka's family had come to visit. Momoka, Haruka's younger sister, doesn't seem to be happy to see her. Will Haruka, Minami and Kirara find out why Momoka doesn't seem very happy?
15 Dai Henshin roma! Aroma no Shitsuji Shiken!
The Great Transformation ~roma! Aroma's Butler Exam!
Haruka finally passes the Tea Party lesson when Miss Shamour tells Aroma that he must undergo a butler test, in which he becomes human, along with Puff. Will Aroma pass the test or will he fail?
16 Umi e no Chikai! Minami no Taisetsu na Takaramono!
An Oath to the Sea! Minami's Most Important Treasure!
Minami, Haruka and Kirara go to the Kaido Beach Resort owned by Minami's older brother, Wataru. There, Minami meets her dolphin friend, Tina, and gets to be with her brother. But what will happen at the beach resort if Twilight, Shut and Lock arrive?

This episode marks the first appearance of Miracle Bubble Dress Up Key.

17 Mabushi Sugiru! Kirara, Yume no Ranwei!
Too Bright! Kirara's Runway of Dreams!
Kirara is going to do a fashion show with her mother Stella, but begins to get nervous after seeing how flawlessly Stella walked down the stage during the practice session. Stella tries to make Kirara loosen up about the fashion show. But does Stella succeed?

This episode marks the first appearance of Miracle Shooting Star Dress Up Key.

18 Ehon no Himitsu! Purinsesu tte Nāni?
The Picture Book's Secrets! What is a Princess?
Twilight 2015-05-31
The author of Haruka's favorite book, The Princess of Flowers, is holdingan autograph event. When she goes meet the author, Haruka asks her why the book doesn't have an ending, but the woman doesn't say anything. As Haruka tries again, Twilight, given a power boost by Dyspear, attacks them.

This episode marks the first appearance of Miracle Lily Dress Up Key and new Mode Elegant form.

19 Hakke~n! Ryō de Mitsuketa Takaramono!
Discovered! The Treasure Found in the Dormitory!
Shut 2015-06-07
It's a rainy day at Noble Academy so the students split into groups for a treasure hunt. During the hunt, Haruka, Minami and Kirara are told about how much they have changed by their teammates. Meanwhile, Twilight finds something that catches her interest.

Twilight discovered the fourth Princess Perfume at the end of this episode.

20 Kanata to Saikai!? Iza, Hōpu Kingudamu e!
Reunited with Kanata!? Going to the Hope Kingdom Now!
Haruka and the others are admiring the nine Dress Up Keys that they have currently collected when suddenly a bright light shoots from the keys, teleporting Haruka, Minami and Kirara to the Hope Kingdom, leaving Yui behind. In the Hope Kingdom, the girls follow the light shining from their main Dress Up Key into which they walk into their respective castle and hear the message from the past Princess Pretty Cure. Later on, when the three girls are gathered together with the mascots and Prince Kanata, Twilight appears and transforms into the Black Princess with the Princess Perfume that she found.

It was revealed that Twilight's real name is Towa, who was Kanata's sister and her mother gave her the third Dress up Key which transform her into a evil Cure named:Black Princess.

21 Omoi yo Todoke! Purinsesu tai Purinsesu
想いよ届け! プリンセスVSプリンセス
Deliver These Feelings! Princess VS Princess
Twilight has transformed into the Black Princess and easily defeats the Cures and Prince Kanata. Dyspear reveals that she had lured Towa away from Hope Kingdom so she can feed off of the despair of its citizens with her absence, then deciding to brainwash Towa. Can the Cures and Kanata save Twilight and restore her memories before the power of the black Dress Up Keys consumes her?
22 Kibō no Honō! Sono Na wa Kyua Sukāretto!!
The Fire of Hope! Her Name is Cure Scarlet!!
Dyspear 2015-07-05
Back at Noble Academy, Dyspear captures Towa in a flower-shaped cage, along with Kanata's violin. She then tries to turn her back into Twilight with the power of despair. While Mermaid and Twinkle fight off Dyspear's shadows, Flora breaks into the cage with Lily Tourbillon carrying Towa's violin. Flora plays her violin to get Towa to break out of her despair. Towa remembers her dream to become the Grand Princess and destroys the cage. The flames of hope change the black Dress Up Keys to red, and she transforms into Cure Scarlet!

Towa transform into Cure Scarlet for the first time.

23 Zu~tto Issho! Watashi-tachi Yonin de Purinsesu Purikyua!
Together Forever! The Four of Us are Princess Pretty Cure!
Lock 2015-07-12
To help Towa adjust to life on Earth, the Cures give her a tour of Yumegahama, but she still feels she cannot have fun because of Hope Kingdom still being under siege. She later encounters Yume Mochizuki, who tries to help her by telling her to have warm things in her heart. However, a newly powered Lock appears and captures Yume and attempts to dishearten Towa by making her believe this is all her doing. Can she stay positive and save Yume?

Lock assumed into his adult-like form at the end of this episode.

24 Egao ga Katai? Rūmumeito wa Purinsesu!
A Stiff Smile? My Roommate is a Princess!
Lock 2015-07-19
It is Towa's first day at Noble Academy, but she still cannot get adjusted to living her life as a regular human being because of her usual spoiled princess-like ways. Meanwhile, Kirara takes up a larger workload and starts to fear that her smiles are too forced, with the concern about Towa weighing her mind. Can they both learn what it means to smile and become closer friends?
25 Haruka no Ouchi e! Hajimete no Otomarikai!
To Haruka's Home! Our First Sleepover!
Shut 2015-07-26
It's the summer holidays and the Cures and Yui decide to go to Haruka's house. Minami bring three suitcases which surprises the others. At Haruka's house, Minami and Towa learn many things and Minami reveals that she bought a bunch of watermelon. At the beach, Minami reveals that she also bought fireworks but while the Cures, Yui and some children play with the fireworks, Shut appears and starts taunting Towa. Will Minami be able to help Towa?
26 Towa-sama o Sukue! Tatakau Roiyaru Fearī!
Rescue Lady Towa! Fight, Royal Fairies!
Shut 2015-08-02
While students of Noble Academy are on summer vacation, Towa remains at the academy alone. But when Towa catches a cold, it's up to Aroma and Puff to nurse her back to health. But then Shut appears and summons a Cicada Zetsuborg! How will Aroma and Puff protect Towa without the other Cures' help?
27 Ganbare Yūki! Ōen Hibiku Natsu Matsuri!
Go For It, Yuki! Echoing Support at the Summer Festival!
Shut 2015-08-09
It's the Summer Festival, and all of Yumegahama is having a wonderful time. Everyone except for Yuki, who had injured his arm while practicing tennis. His cheerleaders want Haruka to help him accept help from others, but he adamantly refuses every time. Can Haruka, or perhaps Cure Flora, help him realize that there's nothing wrong with asking for help?
28 Kokoro wa Issho! Purikyua o Terasu Taiyō no Hikari!
Our Heart are Together! The Sunlight that Shines on the Pretty Cure!
Lock 2015-08-16
The Cures enjoy some time having fun on the beach, but Towa has been trying to avoid swimming. As she talks with Yui about her dream, Lock arrives in hopes of turning her into a Zetsuborg once again. Not only that, but he also has his sights on the Cures' Dress Up Keys. Will they save Yui and most importantly, keep their keys safe from Lock's clutches?

Lock steal the Cures' Dress Up Keys except Towa's.

29 Fushigi na Onna no Ko? Uke Tsugareshi Densetsu no Kī!
Mysterious Girls? The Bequeathed Legendary Key!
Dyspear 2015-08-23
Haruka, Minami and Kirara have become depressed now that their Dress Up Keys have been stolen by Lock. Luckily, Puff was able to pick up the scent of them and leads the Cures on a search. However, that search is sidetracked when the three of them find themselves in an ancient palace where they encounter three mysterious girls. These strangers help the Cures realize their purpose of protecting everyone's dreams and that helps them to defend them against an attack by a Zetsuborg.

The Premium Dress Up Keys appear in this episode.

30 Mirai e! Chikara no Kesshō, Purinsesu Paresu!
To the Future! The Crystal of Power, Princess Palace!
Lock 2015-08-30
Lock appears on Earth with a Zetsuborg created from Hope Kingdom's castle, powered by the Cures' Dress Up Keys. Without any powers, Haruka, Minami and Kirara enter the castle in hopes of retrieving them, but the odds are against them as Lock is prepared to attack them inside. Will they be able to rescue their keys before it's too late?

The Music Princess Palace appear for the first time, as well as Premium Mode Elegant.

31 Shingakki! Aratanaru Yume to Aratanaru Kyōi!
The New Semester! A New Dream and A New Threat!
It's a new semester for both Noble Academy and Princess Lessons for Haruka and the others. Haruka has trouble with flower arranging so she goes outside to look after flowers, only to discover that a girl named Hanae Komori has been looking after them during the break. However, as Haruka speaks to Hanae, a new threat appears. Who could this new threat be?

Close return and twin Dys Dark's generals, Stop and Freeze, make their first appearance.

32 Minami no Īnazuke!? Kaettekita Sūpā Serebu!
Minami's Fiance!? The Come Back Super Celeb!
A boy appears at Noble Academy and it turns out to be Kimimaro Ijuin, Minami's fiancé. During his stay at Noble Academy, Kimimaro begins to dislike the fact that Minami has changed due to Haruka, so he sets out to tell Haruka to stop being around Minami. But after this, he is targeted by Stop and Freeze. Can the Cures save Kimimaro's dream from the evil duo?
33 Oshiete Shamūru! Negai Kanaeru Shiawase Ressun!
Teach me, Shamour! A Happy Lesson for Granting Wishes!
Shut 2015-09-20
Kuroro has finally awakened, and Miss Shamour decides to take him around the city, doing various things along the way. As the Cures try to find them, the two encounter a group of calico cats and a group of black cats arguing, and Miss Shamour challenges them to a fashion contest to help resolve their fighting. Can she help them settle their differences?

Lock's real name is Kuroro.

34 Pinchi Sugiru~! Haruka no Purinsesu Kontesuto!
Too Much Trouble~! Haruka's Princess Contest!
Haruka enters a princess contest where the winner meets a prince, hoping that said prince is Kanata. Kirara assists her in walking on a runway and helps with her makeup, but on the day of the contest, a bout of rain causes changes in Kirara's schedule, so she cannot reach Haruka in time. On top of that, Stop & Freeze appear and target Kirara's makeup artist. Will she be there for her friend, and can Haruka pull this off by herself?
35 Yatto Aeta...! Kanata to Ushinawareta Kioku!
Meeting at Last...! Kanata and the Lost Memory!
While looking for Kanata, Haruka and Towa learn that he is working for Nishikido, but when they go visit him, they learn that he has amnesia and has lost all of his memories as a prince and of the Cures. They all try to help him remember everything, but nothing comes back. They then go to the flower field where Kanata and Haruka first met. Will this bring back his memories?

Kanata lost his memories as a prince and about the Cures.

36 Namidatsu Kokoro...! Minami no Mamoritai Mono!
The Tearful Heart...! The Thing Minami Wants to Protect!
Minami and the others go to meet her parents to attend the party that her parents are holding. Minami is very certain her dream is to be like her parents and older brother, Wataru, until she meets Azuka Kitakaze, a sea animal doctor. Is Minami having second thoughts about her dreams?
37 Haruka ga Shuyaku!? Hachamecha Roman na Engekikai!
Haruka is the Star!? A Nonsensical Romantic Play!
Haruka is selected to play Juliet for the Noble Academy drama festival's production of Romeo & Juliet, but she cannot quite convey the emotions correctly, much to director Furuya's frustration. Then, on the day of the festival, Stop & Freeze turn Furuya and Kenta, the latter playing Romeo, into Zetsuborgs, and to make matters worse, Kenta hurt his ankle trying to escape them. Can they fix all this before the performance?
38 Ayashī Wana...! Hitori Botchi no Purinsesu!
A Suspicious Trap...! The Lonely Princess!
Close comes up with a plan to isolate Haruka by disguising himself as a student from Noble Academy named Kurosu. Towa becomes suspicious of him, but the others believe him as he says that he supports their dreams. With Haruka's friends off to run errands and with Puff and Aroma sold off to a pet shop, she is now completely alone and Close reveals himself. How will Haruka take him on without the other Cures to back her up?

Haruka fell into despair and the thorn started to grow around Yumegahama due to Kanata's word.

39 Yume no Hana Hiraku Toki! Mae, Fukkatsu no Purinsesu!
The Moment the Flower of Dreams Blooms! Dance, Revived Princess!
With Haruka still reeling from Kanata's words, the Cures are left with a huge situation on their hands as Haruka's despair causes the vines throughout Yumegahama to grow faster and turned most of the citizens into Zetsuborgs. During the battle, Kanata feels regretful for what he said to her. To make matters worse, because she lost sight of her dream, Haruka cannot transform into Cure Flora and falls deeper into despair! Can she pick herself up before it's too late?

Royal Dress Up Keys appear and the new attack called:Grand Printempt debut in this episode.

40 Towa no Ketsui! Sorani Kagayaku Kibō no Niji!
Towa's Determination! The Rainbow of Hope Shining in the Sky!
Dyspear 2015-11-15
Happy that Kanata's memories have returned, Towa shows him all the things she has learned on Earth. Suddenly, the Royal Key glows and inserts itself in Towa's Princess Perfume, teleporting everyone to Hope Kingdom, which is now in a worse state than before thanks to Dyspear. In addition to that, a scared Kuroro runs away at the sight of the fallen kingdom and Dyspear sends a Zetsuborg to finish off Towa, Kanata and the rest of the Cures once and for all. Will Towa be able to start freeing her kingdom from Dyspear's influence?

The Palace of Fire is restored.

41 Yui no Yume! Omoi wa Kyanpasu no Nakani...!
Yui's Dream! The Feelings are in the Canvas...!
Yui is told by Minami to take part in an art competition when Haruka and the others see her drawing the Fire Palace. However, Yui has no ideas for the contest, so she goes searching for some inspiration, but nothing comes, until a little girl helps Yui realize that she isn't having fun. But suddenly, Stop & Freeze appear to turn the children into a Zetsuborg! Will Yui be able to protect the children or get turned into a Zetsuborg again?
42 Yume ka Purikyua ka!? Kagayaku Kirara no Erabu Michi!
Dreams or Pretty Cure!? The Shining Kirara's Chosen Road!
Kirara is given the opportunity to model in New York for the Japan Collection fashion show. As she prepares, she begins to balance her time between modeling and preparing for the show and fighting as a Pretty Cure. As she heads to the airport, Stop & Freeze appear and target her assistant, a young aspiring model named Karin Akeboshi. Before Kirara can help, her friends encourage her to chase after her dream. Will she go after her dream, or will she decide to help protect other people's dreams?
43 Ichiban Hoshi no Kirara! Yume Kirameku Sutēji e!
The Top Star's Shine! To the Sparkling Dream Stage!
Kirara decides to give up on modeling for the time being and has been acting strange ever since. Haruka then comes up with an idea that would hopefully make Kirara remember her dream and how important it is to her. One night, the school holds a fashion show of dreams for her, with each participant showcasing their own dreams. This includes Karin Akeboshi, who looks up to Kirara. Can Kirara remember how important modeling is to her?

The Palace of Star is restored.

44 Waki Agaru Omoi! Minami no Hontō no Kimochi!
Bubbling Feelings! Minami's True Thoughts!
Shut 2015-12-13
Ever since her encounter with Asuka, Minami has taken an interest in being a sea doctor but is confused over whether she should go for it over her original dream to succeed her family's company. Kirara notices Minami's worries and brings her to the beach to let Minami tell her her troubles. However, when Shut's Zetsuborg appears, Minami finds that her power as a Pretty Cure is much weaker than before due to her uncertainty. Will Minami be able to get over her uncertainty to defeat the Zetsuborg?
45 Tsutaetai Omoi! Minami no Yume yo Ōunabara e!
The Feelings She Wants to Express! To the Great Ocean, Minami's Dream!
Shut 2015-12-20
It's that time of the year where Christmas is right around the corner but Minami has begun worrying over how she will break the news to her family of chasing another dream. Meanwhile, Noble Academy is hosting a Christmas party where some students put on some acts. When Minami gets a phone call from her mother who wishes her a happy Christmas, Minami can't help but start crying. How is Minami going to break the news to her family?

The Palace of Sea is restored.

46 Utsukushī...?! Sasurau Shatto to Yuki no Shiro!!
Beautiful...?! The Wandering Shut and the Snow Castle!
Shut 2015-12-27
It is snowing in Noble Academy, and Towa is excited because she has never experienced the snow before. As the rest of the Cures play around and build snowmen, she comes up with an idea to create a snow castle that looked a lot like the palace in Hope Kingdom. The whole student body lend their hands in making the castle. Meanwhile, a dejected Shut is wandering around and spots the castle and becomes angered at his beauty. He destroys part of the castle as the Cures prepare to defend it. During the battle, however, Shut becomes even more feral and transforms into a gigantic lynx-like creature. Can the Cures save him and protect the castle?
47 Hana no yōni...! Tsuyoku Yasashiku Utsukushiku!
Like a Flower...! Strong, Kind, and Beautiful!
After Haruka passes her tea lesson, the Cures learn about strange happenings in the Flower Castle from Prince Kanata and are sent to Hope Kingdom. When they arrive, Haruka notices a small bluebird beckoning her to the castle and she enters, where she finds herself as the Flower Princess in her picture book. However, it turns out to be a trap set by Dyspear to trap Haruka in her dream forever so the other Cures can be defeated more easily in the hands of her Metsuborg. Can Haruka escape her dream before it's too late?

The Palace of Flower is restored and revive Hope Kingdom.

48 Semaru Zetsubō...! Zettai Zetsumei no Purinsesu!
The Approaching Despair...! The Princesses are in Danger!
Dyspear has now begun her attack on Noble Academy, now that Hope Kingdom has been freed of her influence. The Cures have no choice but to transform and reveal their secret identities to their peers as they take on Dys Dark one last time. However, they are stopped by Lock's coat, which has now been put under Dyspear's control. Close imprisons the academy's students and uses their despair to power up the coat, causing it to overpower and destroy the Cures' weapons. Without them, how can the Cures defeat it?

Crystal Princess Rod and Scarlet Violin are destroyed in this episode.

49 Kessen Disupia! Guran Purinsesu Tanjō!
The Decisive Battle Against Dyspear! The Grand Princesses are Born!
Dyspear fuses with Close to become even more powerful and starts to attack the rest of the planet, locking all of its inhabitants in cages. The Princess Cures begin their final fight against her, but they cannot defeat her no matter how hard they fight. Dyspear also reveals that she was born out of the despair of those whose dreams couldn't come true. With the world getting plunged into despair and with the citizens of Yumegahama locked into the Door of Despair, the Cures begin to lose hope in ever defeating her. Who will encourage the Cures and remind them of their goal to protect everybody's dreams?

Dyspear is defeated in this episode.

50 Harukanaru Yume e! Gō! Purinsesu Purikyua!
To Our Dreams in the Far Distance! Go! Princess Pretty Cure!
Just as the Cures are celebrating the defeat of Dyspear, Close reappears in a new form using his former master's remaining power. Cure Flora goes in to face off against him one-on-one for the last time. Who will prevail, dreams or despair?

Close, Stop & Freeze duel with Cure Flora but leaves after hearing Flora's words.