Knot Ray (ノットレイ Nottorei?) are the foot soldiers of the Knot Raiders. They are usually accompanied by Kappard and Tenjo. 


They are mainly light grey in color with dark grey sleeves and belt. They wear white gloves and boots with dark grey tops. Their face is also light grey with a dark grey antenna on their head. On their face is the word "NO" which is colored purple. It is shown in episode 3 that they can be different sizes.

A giant Knot Ray takes on the appearance of the victim that was targeted, but still somewhat resembles a normal Knot Ray, with the "NO" on its face and a gray body. While most are humanoid, an exception was made when Don Octo was targeted, as he retains his octopus-like body.


  • With the help of rocket shoes that are on they're feet it allows them to fly in the air.
  • They are shown to possess laser guns in episode 3, which they used to attack Cure Star with.
  • It was shown that they possess a smoke bomb to attack the Cures with.

List of Giant Knot RaysEdit

After Tenjo gets empowered by Darknest, she can now turn a victim into a Knot Ray by darkening their heart with her weapons and then enlarges them to become a giant version of a Knot Ray with a black heart on its chest.

Form Abilities Summoned by Defeated with Origin


Touma Amamiya Can swing giant lollipop around like a mace Tenjo Southern Cross Shot From Touma Amamiya who just wants an ordinary family.


Terumi Hoshina Uses palette as a shield and can both spray ink and create speech bubbles with paintbrush Tenjo Southern Cross Shot From Terumi Hoshina who'd imagined being a successful manga artist.


Haruyoshi Hoshina Can shoot laser beam from the head Tenjo Rainbow Splash From Haruyoshi Hoshina who'd thought he raised his son Yoichi wrong.


Irma Has cannons on the shoulders Tenjo Rainbow Splash From Irma who thought she was being rude to her friend if she ever laughed.


Original Form Can duplicate Tenjo Southern Cross Shot From the Knot Ray who are a bunch of Knot Rays combining themselves to become a giant.


Kuku Produce electricity Tenjo Rainbow Splash From Kuku because he holds the last of the Star Color Pens.


Saboro Fires needles from its arms Tenjo Star Twinkle Imagination From Saboro who was upset about feeling rejected by everyone he meets.


Don Octo Fires ink from his tentacles Tenjo Star Twinkle Imagination From Don Octo.


Principal Uses a fishing rod Tenjo Star Twinkle Imagination From the principal who wants to win the English speech contest.


Kaede Amamiya Fires from cannons on her shoulders Tenjo Star Twinkle Imagination From Kaede Amamiya who want to see Elena smile.


Tenjo Uses her fan to blow the Cures away and traps them in spiky balls Tenjo Star Twinkle Imagination From Tenjo who was being laughed by her people about her nose.


  • They have the word 'NO' in vertical on their faces.
  • They are the third footsoldiers to the villains, other being Snackey from HeartCatch Pretty Cure! and Choiarks from Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!.
  • After Eyeone discharges herself from the Knot Raiders, they replaced Knot Reiga as the main monster of the season.
  • They are the first type of monster/minion that can be created with or without a victim.
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