Knot Reiga (ノットリガー Nottorigā?) are the main monsters in Star Twinkle Pretty Cure and a special kind of Knot Rays which first appear in episode 6. They are usually summoned by Eyeone possessing the Dark Pen to color over someone's imagination which darkens it and Eyeone throws a dark heart which creates Knot Reiga. However, if a Pretty Cure manages to take the Dark Pen away from Eyeone, the Princess Star Color Pen will revert back to its original state and/or used the Southern Cross Shot the end result will have the Knot Reiga be purified. They are voiced by Yoshimitsu Shimoyama.


They all look different. Sometimes their appearance and abilities are determined by the object they possessed, sometimes by the victim whose imagination is used as a source. Regardless of appearance, they all have the letter "N" on their forehead and a black heart below their face.

List of Knot ReigasEdit

Form Abilities Summoned by Defeated with Origin


Refracting Telescope With its objective lens, it can fire a star-shaped blast like a cannon Eyeone Leo Milky Shock From Ryotaro Sorami who dreams about space.


Student Council With its curly side bangs, it can be used as a cannon Eyeone Capricorn Selene Arrow From Sakurako Himenojou who imagined herself becoming the student council president.


Kappard, Tenjo & Eyeone It attacks with its punches and block attacks Eyeone Southern Cross Shot From Kappard, Tenjo and Eyeone who imagined a universe without creativity.


Video Camera It used the film reels to block attacks and to wrapped its opponents in film Eyeone Southern Cross Shot From Abraham who imagined himself being a director of a popular movie.


Dragon It can breathe fire, fly and use its wings to blast the its foes backwards Eyeone Southern Cross Shot From Drums who wants to win many auction.


Archer It used a charged bow to fire arrows at its opponents Eyeone Southern Cross Shot From Yumiko Nasu who wants to wins the archery tournament.


Digger It uses a pick-axe in combat Eyeone Southern Cross Shot From a Planet Rainbow miner.


Eyeone It can deliver powerful punches Eyeone Rainbow Splash From Eyeone, who wants to get revenge on Bakenyan after his betrayal.


  • Their name is derived from the verb "nottoru" (乗っ取る?), which means to "take over" and the word "trigger"(トリガー?), so in other words it means "take over trigger".


  • Like the Jikochuu, the Saiark, and the Zetsuborg, they are created without fusing with objects.
  • So far, they are the latest monster to appear in the overall franchise.
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