Oshimaida (オシマイダー Oshimaidā?) are the main monsters of Hugtto! Pretty Cure. They are usually summoned by the employees of the Cryasse Corporation when someone is overflowing with negative energy, thus spreading their energy to everyone else, creating an Oshimaida.

When an Oshimaida is defeated, it says the phrase ヤメサセテモライマス (Yamesasetemoraimasu?), which is a formal way of requesting termination of one's employment ("Please accept my resignation" would be an English equivalent). In addition, the Mou-Oshimaida will say the phrase Mou yamesasete moraimasu (モウヤメサセテモライマス Mō yamesasete moraimasu?) as it is purified.

After George Cry's return in episode 23, they can create a more powerful types called the Mou-Oshimaida (猛オシマイダー Mō-Oshimaidā?, Wild Oshimaida). However if a Mou-Oshimaida was summoned on its own without a person summoning it. It won't be wearing a company ID badge around its neck at all making it go on a rampage.

The Oshimaidas are voiced by Uronta Yoshida (吉田ウーロン太 Yoshida Ūronta?).


They all look different. Sometimes their appearance and abilities are determined by the object they possessed, sometimes by the victim whose Prickly Powerer is used as source. Regardless of appearance they all wear company ID badges around their necks.

List of Oshimaidas and Mou-OshimaidasEdit

Possessing Abilities Summoned by Defeated with Origin


Clock Can extend its arms to attack Chararit
Dr. Traum
Heart For You! Fumito Chise was annoyed at Uchifuji.


Crane Can extend its arms to get out of reach Chararit
Dr. Traum
Heart For You! Two truck drivers were arguing.


Can inflate itself to grow larger and tougher
Dr. Traum
Heart For You! An office worker was angry about Hugtan's crying.


P.E Teacher Can pull balls and a bat out of nowhere Chararit Heart For You! Umehashi was depressed about not being able to convince Homare to come back.


Figure Skater Can skate and fly Chararit Heart For You! Homare felt that she had no future as a figure skater anymore.


Pot of flowers Carnivorous plant Papple Heart For You! Mari Sakita was feeling down about an upset customer.


Computer Can extend its arms and uses Lulu's analysis data to evade attacks Lulu Heart For You! Ranze Ichijou was angry that she may have lost the audition to Saya.


Railroad Crossing Signal Can shoot lasers from its traffic lights Papple Heart For You! A bunch of people are irritated about being stuck in traffic.


Cucumber Uses cucumber as a club Papple Heart For You! A group of monkeys are fighting over the Melody Tambourine.


Takoyaki Can shoot takoyaki and spew fire Papple Hugtan's Tomorrow Powerer The worker at the takoyaki booth is frustrated over trying to find a way to let Hana know that she actually attracted customers.


Chararit Unknown Restore Trinity Concert It was a final chance to prove himself to the Cryasse Corporation.


Vendor Machine Can shoot soda cans from the compartments on its arms Papple Trinity Concert From various sources who have had small amounts of Pricky Powerer.


Building Can transform into a UFO to travel at faster speeds Lulu Trinity Concert A female student, but it is not known what caused her to be targeted.


Trolley Uses the wheel as a fan and can launch the wheel at super fast speeds Lulu Trinity Concert Two workers at the daycare and Rita Yoshimi, the latter angry that the crying babies made her forget an idea for a design.


Musical instruments With its microphone it can produce the noise through its ear-like speakers Papple Trinity Concert A man, but it is not known what caused him to be targeted.


School Uniform Can spin fast and extend its twintails to strike at long distances Papple Trinity Concert Junna Tokura and Aki Momoi who are arguing over whether or not Homare is a good influence.


Fashion Designer It can changes its outfit to fend off the Pretty Cure attacks Papple Trinity Concert Rita Yoshimi is very frustrated when she can't think of an idea for a design.


Director It held Anri Wakamiya captive Jeros Trinity Concert Masato Aisaki was angry over Anri Wakamiya telling him off.


Rockstar It can shoot fire from the neck of its guitar Papple Heart Song & Heart Dance! The members of the band and their manager were arguing over whether they should play original songs or not.


Broom and dustpan It can strike hard with its broom Papple Trinity Concert A worker cleaning up trash who is angry.


Papple It can fire a blast of energy from its mouth Papple Twin Love Rock Beat She absorbed the dark energy she had around her when she fell into despair upon seeing George, a man she loved, with Jeros.


Skeleton In its powered up form, it fires fireballs from its eyes Daigan
Dr. Traum
Twin Love Rock Beat A woman is upset that the restriction to her device has been changed.


Beach Balls It can transform into its Mou form Jeros Twin Love Rock Beat Two boys who were angry for being scolded at for running near the pool.


Camera It can rotates on its axis very fast Jeros Twin Love Rock Beat Ranze Ichijou has a traumatic past with these leeks.


Traffic Cone It can use one of its cones as a drill, but because it couldn't disturb the newborn babies, it was used as a projectile instead Dr. Traum Twin Love Rock Beat A street worker who is upset of how many parking lots are there and she has no clue how.


Robot With the bag on its back it can grab any item it needed in combat like a bomb, or a mallet Bicine Twin Love Rock Beat The dog's owner is upset of how hard he and Ron tried they're not gonna win at this rate.


Candy With the candy-shaped balls in its hand it can throw them like a shuriken Jeros Trinity Concert A bike delivery man was being scolded by the store's owner for slacking off.


Tengu Statue It uses a feather duster in combat, and a bucket to defend itself from incoming attacks Dr. Traum Twin Love Rock Beat Dr. Traum's table tennis opponent who was frustrated that he lost.


JinJin & Takumi It uses its four arms for combat purpose JinJin & Takumi Cheerful Attack Both JinJin and Takumi abused the power of the Time Mirai Crystal.


Virtual Headgear It traps peoples in a virtual world by expanding itself and turns the others into different fairy tale characters Bicine Cheerful Attack Unknown


Producer It can fly Restore Cheerful Attack A producer who was angry that his attempt to sabotage Anri during his performance backfired on him.


Hourglass With the sand in its glass it can make a tornado Jeros Cheerful Attack A woman who is tired and hopes that work is finish.


Traffic Cone It can use one of its cones as a drill and as a projectile and can transform itself into a huge drill Dr. Traum Cheerful Attack A man who is upset that someone has scraped him.


Dr. Traum He can summon an army of Oshimaidas including the other monsters that were dealt in the Pretty Cure series Dr. Traum All・For・You! Dr. Traum was way upset that the Pretty Cures were freed from his hold.


Ghost Doll It has an enhanced super jump Daigan Cheerful Attack A woman who is upset when she scraped her foot while walking.


Original Form It causes all time to stop Restore Heart For You! Unknown


Perfume Bottle It can multiply the squeezer to attack its foe and help it to stand back up when knocked down and used the cap itself to spray a huge mist that'll send its foe flying Jeros Tomorrow With Everyone Unknown


Palace It has octopus-like tentacles to attack its opponents and to walk around Bicine Tomorrow With Everyone Emiru's grandfather was upset that the rest of the family was disobeying him.


Flower With the ice skates on it's feet it can glide across the slippery ice Restore Tomorrow With Everyone Anri Wakamiya is in bad shape it looks like he won't be skating anytime soon.


Dragonfly With the wings on its back it allows it to fly in the air and it can do a rapid fire of purple energy at its enemies Bicine Tomorrow With Everyone Unknown


Knight As a giant it can block all of the Pretty Cures' attacks with its pair of huge hands Restore

Tomorrow With Everyone

Reira Yakushiji, who was upset that her own daughter is growing up and that one day she won't be acting alongside her.


Jeros She can fire a blast of purple energy from her hands Jeros

Tomorrow With Everyone

Jeros drank of what's left of this Time Mirai Crystal that she has collected in this cup into herself.


Bicine Unknown Bicine

Tomorrow With Everyone

Bicine has no clue on what is going on.


Frog Train Since its a frog-themed train it uses its tongue to attack his opponents Fumito Chise

Tomorrow With Everyone

Fumito Chise is upset about Uchifuji who has still mentioned him about his deadlines.


Oshimaida can be translated as "it's the end".

Mou can be translated as "really".