The Scarlet Violin (スカーレットバイオリン Sukāretto Baiorin?) is a violin like weapon in Go! Princess Pretty Cure used by Cure Scarlet to perform Phoenix Blaze. The weapon made its first appearance in episode 22.In episode 23, it was shown to function like the Crystal Princess Rods, when she used it to perform Scarlet Illusion and Scarlet Spark with the Fireworks Elegant Dress Up Key. She also uses her transformation key to perform Scarlet Flame. In episode 48, it was destroyed by Lock along with Crystal Princess Rod, though they have appeared to have been restored in episode 50.



  • This is the sixth instrument-like weapon to appear in the franchise, preceded by the Pine Flute, the Passion Harp, Shiny Tambourine, Fortune Tambourine and the Love Guitar Rod.
  • It was born from Prince Kanata's violin which was formed by their family bond.