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Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Kirayaba~☆ Sora ni Kagayaku Kyua Sutā Tanjō!
Glitterific~☆ Shining In Space, Cure Star Is Born!
Kappard 2019-02-03
One night when Hikaru was drawing a unique constellation, a mysterious fairy warped into her room! Hikaru couldn't contain her excitement so the next morning, she went out to find this fairy. The fairy who she names Fuwa, finds her but moments later they meet two aliens, Prunce and Lala who were being chased by the Knot Raiders! Everything starts to go south when they go into space and a hole is blown into the side of Lala's rocket, causing Fuwa to get sucked out into space! Filled with determination, Hikaru willingly gets sucked out as well to protect Fuwa from Kappard, which in turn grants her the power to become Cure Star and fight Kappard!

Hikaru transform into Cure Star for the first time.

02 Uchū Kara no Otomodachi ☆ Kyua Mirukī Tanjō!
A Friend From Space ☆ Cure Milky is Born!
Kappard 2019-02-10
While Lala begins to repair her rocket after the crash landing, Hikaru learns about the importance of being a Pretty Cure. However, secretly, Lala wishes that she could become a Cure like Hikaru did, but the rocket's AI explains that her chances are very slim, until she also reveals that Hikaru had the same chances and ended up receiving them. As the night went on, Hikaru learns more about the customs on Lala's planet, while she introduces Lala to Earth food by giving her onigiri. After learning about the Star Princesses, they are all attacked once again by Kappard and his horde of Knot Rays. Hikaru transforms into Cure Star, but struggles this time. Wanting desperately to protect Fuwa and Cure Star, Lala finally receives her Cure powers, allowing her to become Cure Milky to once again repel Kappard!

Lala transform into Cure Milky for the first time.

03 Purikyua Kaisan!? Sutā Purinsesu no Chikara o Sagase☆
The Pretty Cures are Disbanding!? Search for the Power of the Star Princesses☆
Tenjo 2019-02-17
When Prunce deduces that the mysterious noise pinging from the Star Color Pendant indicates that a Star Princess is nearby, Hikaru goes right ahead to search for it. However, Lala still thinks they should wait until her data analysis confirmed that it was, causing a rift to form between the two. Later, Lala reluctantly goes along with Hikaru to look for the location, trying to hide her's and Prunce's alien identities from the public. They later receive advice from Elena, who works at the flower shop Sonrisa, about how to settle their argument by listening to what the other has to say, but it turns out they didn't heed that advice and eventually continued their squabble. It isn't until Fuwa starts to cry and tells them to please get along that they realize that they were wrong to fight. After a while, they end up discovering a pen that contained a Star Princess's power, but as they go to retrieve it, a Knot Ray swipes it first, and Hikaru and Lala are left with no choice but to battle another Knot Raider, Tenjo, to get it back!

This episode marks the first appearance of Tenjo.

04 Chao! Kirameku Egao ☆ Kyua Soreiyu Tanjō!
Ciao! A Shining Smile ☆ Cure Soleil is Born!
Tenjo 2019-02-24
Hikaru decides to take Lala to school with her, but she has to be careful about revealing her to anybody. As they arrive at school, so does Elena, the girl who helped resolved their argument. She is shown to be extremely popular among her fellow classmates and is very skilled in soccer and gymnastics. After school, Hikaru and Lala decide to visit Elena and her numerous siblings at the flower shop she works at named "Sonrisa". She explains that she loves making people smile, hence the name of the shop. After thanking her for helping, the two Cures head back home when a fleet of Knot Rays attack them. One of the foot soldiers throws a smoke bomb to obscure their sight, making it hard for Star and Milky to defend not only themselves, but Fuwa as well. Elena witnesses the attack and steps in to protect Fuwa, and Elena's determination to protect Fuwa and everyone else's smiles gives her the power to transform into Cure Soleil!

Elena transform into Cure Soleil for the first time and marks the first appearance of Eyeone, Bakenyan and Galogre.

05 Himitsu no Henshin ☆ Ojō-sama wa Kyua Serēne!
A Secret Transformation ☆ The Lady is Cure Selene!
Tenjo 2019-03-03
Madoka, who had seen Lala's antennae and Fuwa, is about to divulge that information to her parents when her father receives a phone call, where he mentions that humans should not sympathize with aliens. The next day, the Cures still try to hide Lala's alien identity as well as Fuwa and Prunce, but that fails when Madoka eventually notices them all throughout the day. This causes a conflict within her because of the family's obligations to reveal any secrets they have, even if it means that Lala and Prunce have to leave Earth if that happens. She tells the Cures that she must tell her father about the aliens' existence, concerning everyone when suddenly they are attacked by Tenjo again and her Knot Rays horde. Madoka tries to escape with Fuwa while the other Cures hold them off, but she accidentally reveals herself to Tenjo, leading her to be pursued. Despite her objections because of her family, Madoka becomes determined to protect Fuwa, allowing her to become the fourth Pretty Cure, Cure Selene!

Madoka transform into Cure Selene for the first time.

06 Yami no Imajinēshon!? Dāku Pen Shutsugen!
Dark Imagination!? The Dark Pen Appears!
Lala attempts and fails to repair her rocket again, causing her to lash out at her friends. Hikaru then talks Lala into going to an observatory with the others to cheer her up. While there, Ryotaro, who works there, recognizes Lala from when they last met. Later, they go to Ryotaro's study, where he reveals that the stars appear to be dimmer than they usually are, which worries Hikaru. Even later, Lala goes to a planetarium in the observatory where she is shown constellations and told how they could also represent relationships with others. Just then, Lala's Star Color Pendant reacts, indicating there was a Princess Star Color Pen nearby, but they are soon shocked to learn that Eyeone, another Knot Raider, found it first and corrupted it. She then uses it to trap Ryotaro inside a Knot Reiga, making him believe that observatories are a waste of space. The enraged Cures transform to try and defeat it, but the monster is way too powerful! Just as Eyeone is about to declare victory, Milky, after remembering what Ryotaro told her about constellations, comes up with a plan to steal the pen back!
07 Wakuwaku! Roketto Shūri Daisakusen☆
So Exciting! The Great Rocket Repair Operation☆
Tenjo 2019-03-17
The Cures get ready to finally repair Lala's rocket ship so they can at last go and explore space. However, Hikaru becomes upset when the ship's AI assigns her to do cleanup work, while the other three were given more interesting tasks. After several hours of exhausting work, they all take a break, with Hikaru drawing up a new design and paint job for the ship, which Lala approves of. The girls decorate the ship, but just as they are about to finish, Tenjo appears with her Knot Rays to attack them. The Cures transform to help defend the rocket!
08 Uchū e GO☆ Kenneru Hoshi wa Wandafuru!
Off to Space we Go ☆ Planet Kennel is Woofderful!
Kappard 2019-03-24
The Cures land on the bone-shaped planet of Kennel after Fuwa's warping powers send them there because of Elena's Star Color Pendant reacting. There they meet a trio of dog-like aliens named Doggie, Maggie, and Neggie, who almost immediately take offense to them because of their "fur" only being on top of their heads, and hate Prunce even more because he has no fur at all. After learning about such things as the alien dogs' strange greeting, raining bones, and a tonic to help grow hair, the dogs lead the girls to a temple that had a statue with a glowing object known as a "sacred bone", but it is actually another Princess Star Color Pen. Prunce tries to explain that the Cures need it, but they refuse to hand it over, leading Prunce to suggest stealing it, but Elena is hesitant because of how it was considered a special treasure. Soon after, Kappard arrives to try and steal the pen too, leading the Cures to transform and fight. However, because both Prunce and Kappard attempted to steal the pen for different purposes, they are both considered evil in Doggie's eyes!
09 Yūjō no Ringu! Sutā Dōnatsu☆
Rings of Friendship! Star Donuts☆
Eyeone 2019-03-31
After landing the rocket safely in a new place, Prunce says they need to get donuts from Star Donuts since his donut machine is broken. Madoka has never heard of this place, much to the surprise of the others, causing Madoka to worry about not knowing about it. When she gets home, she bumps into her father, who tells her there have been UFO sightings and that she'll be driven to school until it's confirmed safe. This causes Madoka to become uneasy which is reflected in how she presents herself at school for the next few days. Hikaru notices Madoka's strange behaviour, so together with Lala, she decides to take Madoka to the shopping district in order to give Madoka a breather from her stress-filled life.
10 Kirakkira☆ Wakusei Kumarin e Yōkoso!
Sparkling☆ Welcome To Planet Kumarin!
When helping Ryotaro in his observatory, Hikaru learns of Ryotaro's favourite constellation, which is the Southern Cross. This thus inspires Hikaru, in which she finds Lala, Elena, Madoka and Prunce so they can go to space with her as she draws the Southern Cross for Ryotaro. Once in space, Hikaru is disappointed that she cannot find the Southern Cross amongst all the stars but before she can get too upset, her Star Color Pendant lights up and points to Aries, allowing Fuwa to warp the rocket to Kumarin. But also on Kumarin are the Knot Raiders trio, who too are in search of the Princess Star Color Pen.
11 Kagayake ☆ Sazankurosu no Chikara!
Shine ☆ The Power of Southern Cross!
Following up on their defeat, Hikaru is feeling upset and blames herself over what happened in their last battle. But before the girls could cheer Hikaru up, they had to run to Ryotaro's observatory to avoid being caught by Fuyuki. However, Fuyuki comes to the observatory to discuss with Ryotaro about the UFO he saw, causing the girls to hide behind some doors. Fuyuki notices their muddy footprints but before he could investigate further, his associate tells him that they saw some flashing lights, which in turn has Fuyuki leave the observatory. After Ryotaro learns about Lala, Prunce and Fuwa, Ryotaro finds Hikaru in the planetarium and cheers her up before going to get her some tea. But at that moment, Hikaru's Star Color Pendant lights up again, leading the girls to their second confrontation with the Knot Raiders trio.

This episode marks the first appearance of Darknest and Twinkle Stick.

12 Sayonara Rara!? Eiga Kantoku wa Uchūjin☆
Farewell Lala!? The Film Director is an Alien☆
Abraham appears before the girls and Fuyuki, telling Fuyuki that he was there to film a movie and that all of the strange lights and sounds coming from the area were movie magic. The girls play along, telling Fuyuki that they're actresses in Abraham's films. Fuyuki gives them permission to film after learning that the Prime Minister himself is a fan of Abraham. And so the next day comes but before filming commences, the girls learn that Abraham is in fact an alien and if Lala, Fuwa and Prunce want to stay on Earth, then she has to do a convincing job in the film.
13 Rara no Dokidoki Hatsutōkō☆
Lala's Heart-Pounding First Day at School☆
Kappard 2019-04-28
After deciding that she wants to go to school, Lala receives her school uniform and meets Hikaru at the front of her rocket. At school, Lala has a difficult time fitting in, making numerous mistakes, like sitting at the wrong desk, not understanding science, running in the hallways and not even knowing how to mop up the floor. This has Lala decide to take her A.I glove to school on her second day, so she can do everything right and not bring Hikaru, Elena and Madoka down. However, Hikaru and the others don't like this fake version of Lala so on the weekend, they take her to school to show her how everyone likes Lala just the way she is.
14 Egao de Pāti! Kazoku no Sonrissa☆
笑顔 de パーティ!家族のソンリッサ☆
The Smile Party! The Family's Sonrisa☆
Tenjo 2019-05-05
The Cures decide to visit the flower shop Sonrisa, where Elena lives, and they meet her father, a Mexican man named Carlos, and her mother, a Japanese woman named Kaede, along with the previously encountered siblings. Carlos and Kaede met when the latter was on a business trip to Mexico and the two fell in love and got married, settling down in Japan where they raised their family. During their visit, the other girls learn more about the family's Mexican heritage and how they love to dance and sing. However, the second oldest child, Touma, lashes out at them for being so weird and he runs away from home, leading Elena and the others to go search for him. While they do, Lala ends up finding him, while Elena discovers that another Princess Star Color Pen is nearby.
15 Otakara Sōdatsu! Uchū Kaitō Sanjō☆
The Treasure Scramble! The Space Phantom Thief is Coming☆
Eyeone 2019-05-12
Upon learning of the location of another Princess Star Color Pen, the team head to the planet of Zeni to find it. Along the way, the Cures learn about a popular idol named Mao, whom Prunce appears to have a crush on, even to the point of forgetting their mission. They then learn that the pen is being auctioned off, and they couldn't let just anybody in, plus security was high because of a phantom thief named Blue Cat. Then, Mao herself arrives and is able to get the group into the auction hall thanks to her cuteness. As the auction wore on, the Cures are able to win everyone over thanks to the Star Donuts, but before they can claim the pen, it is stolen by Blue Cat! The girls go up to investigate and end up finding Mao, who appears to be hiding a surprising secret...
16 Mezase Yūshō☆ Madoka no Ichiya!
Aim For the Championship☆ Madoka's One Arrow!
Eyeone 2019-05-19
Madoka has qualified for the finals in an archery competition, hoping to win to make up for everything she had been putting her father through as of late. However, there had been word that there was a talented up-and-comer who may prove to be a challenge for Madoka. On the day of competition, Madoka and the newcomer, a first-year middle school student named Yumika Nasu, do excellently in their respective rounds, resulting in both of them making it to the finals. When Madoka encounters Yumika though, the latter tells her that the cheers from her friends are just distractions. This causes Madoka to start to lose her concentration, ultimately resulting in her aim slipping and the arrow landing outside the target. With her and Yumika now having to do a run-off round, Madoka starts growing even more concerned...
17 Teki? Mikata? Burū Kyatto no Sagashi Mono☆
Enemy? Friend? The Thing Blue Cat is Looking For☆
Kappard 2019-05-26
The team had back to the planet Zeni when another Princess Star Color Pen is discovered. As they make their way to its location, they run into Blue Cat again, who is trying to pull off a heist herself. They soon learn that both the pen and Blue Cat's target is Drums' mansion, so they have no choice but to work together to get what they need, though Prunce is reluctant because of her deception. Drums, who is also after the Cures' pens, finds out about their arrival and has them go through many traps and obstacles to get to where the treasure is. Working together, they eventually are able to reach Drums' lair, where the pen is kept under a glass dome and there are also treasures from the destroyed planet of Rainbow. Blue Cat is fascinated by those treasures and gets ready to steal them away, when Drums appears, determined to destroy her plans.
18 Tsukame Shin Rensai ☆ Okāsan no Manga Michi!
Grasp the New Serial ☆ My Mom's Manga Way!
Tenjo 2019-06-02
Hikaru's mother Terumi is an aspiring manga artist and is ecstatic when she is chosen to create a manga for a popular magazine. However, she struggles to come up with an idea to work on. Hikaru decides to help Terumi out along with her friends, and soon she comes up with a character based on Lala after being inspired by the latter saying "~lun". Unfortunately, the editor says that readers aren't interested in anything sci-fic or fantasy-related, so Terumi is left with no choice but to write a more romantic-themed manga revolving around doctors. Still, Hikaru and her friends help her whenever they could. As Terumi works on the manga, Hikaru remembers the manga her mother created for her and how her mother comforted her after she was bullied for it. The big day comes and Terumi's manga is published, but something is wrong...
19 Niji no Hoshi e ☆ Burū Kyatto no Himitsu!
To the Rainbow Planet ☆ Blue Cat's Secret!
The Cures travel to space again, this time landing on Planet Rainbow, which they already know had its people turned to stone and its treasures pilfered. They have learned that another Princess Star Color Pen had been located there, and as they look, they find the petrified people of Rainbow, who were all cat people. Soon after, they end up finding what turned out to be Blue Cat's secret hideout that kept most of the planet's treasures. However, the team is discovered by Eyeone and Bakenyan, who want the pen for themselves. The Cures transform, but are quickly subdued by the duo and Eyeone even threatens to turn Fuwa into a Knot Reiga. Before she could though, Bakenyan takes the fairy out of her hands, confusing everyone. Fuwa then suddenly recognizes his scent, and everyone is shocked to learn about Bakenyan's secret!
20 Ginga ni Hikaru ☆ Kyua Kosumo Tanjō!
Shining in the Galaxy ☆ Cure Cosmo is Born!
After Blue Cat steals their Princess Star Color Pens and kidnaps Fuwa, the Cures give chase in hopes of getting them back. Once they do find Blue Cat, they fight against her, but she evades their attempts of getting through to her and uses her perfume to turn into Cure Star in hopes of contacting the Star Princesses. The Cures follow her to her hideout and try to reason with her, but she is still determined to use the power of the pens and Fuwa, but when trying to escape, the smoke bomb she throws strikes one of her petrified friends. It is then that she remembers how she escaped Rainbow while watching helplessly as everyone was turned to stone, and she soon reveals to the Cures her true form, all the while recounting the tragic tale of her past and why she took on her various guises.
21 Niji-iro no Supekutoru ☆ Kyua Kosumo no Chikara!
The Rainbow-Colored Spectrum ☆ Cure Cosmo's Power!
With her newfound powers, Cure Cosmo is able to temporarily take down Eyeone, who had turned herself into a Knot Reiga. Just then, Darknest's shadow appears and starts to strengthen Eyeone, along with Kappard and the Knot Ray. The other Cures transform to help out, but the battle still proved to be as tough as the last one. Even after Cure Star finally takes back the Aries Princess Star Color Pen from the Knot Raiders, it is still not enough to defeat Eyeone. Meanwhile, inside the Knot Reiga, Eyeone begins to suffer as Darknest slowly takes over her mind...

This episode marks the first appearance of Rainbow Perfume.

22 Okaeri, Otōsan! Hoshina-Ke no Tanabata☆
Welcome Back, Dad! The Hoshina Family's Tanabata☆
Tenjo 2019-07-07
Today is Tanabata, and not only is it Lala's birthday, but it's also the day that Hikaru's father, Yoichi, returns to visit his family after researching aliens and cryptids around the world. Naturally, Yoichi is fascinated by Fuwa, Prunce, and Lala, but he also promises to keep them a secret among him, Hikaru, and her friends. When they visit Hikaru's grandparents though, Haruyoshi is rather distant. Lala soon learns from Hikaru that Yoichi returns only once a year because of his travels, which he embarked on after he quit his former job as a university professor and received encouragement from Hikaru to pursue his research. Meanwhile, Haruyoshi is still concerned that he raised Yoichi wrong, which causes him to become a target for Tenjo...
23 Fuwa ga Ippai!? Fuwa ☆ Panikku!
Lots of Fuwas!? The Fuwa ☆ Panic!
Kappard 2019-07-14
The Cures throw a welcome party for Uni on Lala's rocket after she mostly evaded them over the past couple of days. When Uni shows them the cookies she lived off of, Fuwa eats one of them, which appears to upset her stomach because of the catnip and causes her to hiccup. Now everytime she hiccuped, multiples copies of her appear, and the more she does it, the more clones of Fuwa appear and start overtaking the ship. The Cures quickly learn that feeding them causes the copies to disappear, but they keep appearing faster than they go away. The group of Fuwas soon begin to make their way through town, and the Cures have to find them all and feed them, along with the original Fuwa, before they cause trouble, or worse, get noticed by the Knot Raiders.
24 Kokoro Tokasu! Aisunō Sei no Ensōkai☆
Melting Hearts! The Concert On Planet Icesnow☆
Tenjo 2019-07-21
25 Manten no Hoshi Matsuri ☆ Yuni no Omoide
The Whole Starry Sky Festival ☆ Uni's Memories
Tenjo 2019-07-28
26 Nazo no Shinnyūsha!? Kyōfu no Pajama Pāti☆
The Mysterious Invader!? The Pajama Party of Terror☆
Kappard 2019-08-04
27 Umi no Hoshi! Ningyo ni Natte Sūisui☆
The Ocean Planet! Becom a Mermaid and Swim Swim☆
Eyeone 2019-08-11
28 Moyase Hāto! Shokunin Furea to Roketto Shūri☆
The Burning Heart! The Craftsman Flare and Rocket Repair
Kappard 2019-08-18
29 Tadaima ~run ☆ Wakusei Samān no Yūutsu
I'm Home ~run: The Planet Saman's Melancholy
Kappard 2019-08-25
30 Rara no Omoi to AI no Kimochi☆
Lala's Thought and AI's Feeling
Tenjo 2019-09-01
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