The Princess of Flowers (花のプリンセス Hana no Purinsesu?), written by Yume Mochizuki, is the name of the book that inspired Haruka's dream of being a princess.


" Long ago, there was a kind, castle-born princess who was surrounded by flowers and loved by all.

Her beaming face made both flowers and smiles bloom around her

But one day...

A bird jealous of the princess's popularity lied to her that the neighboring kingdom's prince came to meet her and took her deep into a terrifying witch's forest.

But she didn't fear the witch or blame the bird for lying.

After witnessing her grace, the bird reflected on his own actions and saved the princess himself.

Once they returned, the bird apologized in tears for what he'd done over and over again.

She thanked the bird for saving her, told him to smile and forgave him with a grin.

And when the bird smiled along with her, the witch's scary forest turned into a beautiful meadow.

Finally, the Princess and all of her friends continued their journey."


  • Yume hasn't made a single public appearance since the book's publication.
  • The book was written for her own daughter.
  • After reading the feedback of the children about her book, she changed her mind about writing an ending.
    • Every child imagined the princess's future in their own way and she felt it best to let her book nurture the imagination of its' readers.
  • The book is celebrating its' 50th anniversary, implying the book was published on 1965.
    • A book signing at Yumegahama Picture Book Museum was made to celebrate the anniversary of the book.